Ben Dawkins Western Australia Two Gender Motion

One Nation’s new Western Australian parliamentarian, Ben Dawkins, has hit the ground running with a motion skewering the appalling ideology of the gender affirmation approach to the young people who have been led to believe they have gender dysphoria.

Ben’s motion stated that a person’s biological sex is a fact, that it’s not possible to change biological sex at a cellular level, and that in some settings biological sex is more important than gender ‘identity’. It shouldn’t be a controversial statement – because it’s essentially true – but for those who support the mutilation of Australian children in the name of ideology, it’s provocative (an understatement if there ever was one).

Predictably Labor, Greens and other MPs responded with the usual virtue signalling to the idiot activist crowd and a round of insults for Ben. However, it didn’t stop him from asking Western Australia’s Labor health minister if it was “possible for a biological male to become a biological female” and if the minister would confirm if the government would introduce legislation permitting birth certificates to be re-issued with an alternative sex to the one originally recorded.

Predictably – again – Labor refused to answer the first question by claiming it was out of order (it wasn’t, as the Legislative Council president later ruled) and dodged the second by referring it to a different minister. Gender affirmation ideology confuses even those who pay lip service to it, but probably don’t really believe in it with the passion of the extremists who demand it be imposed.

Only One Nation is fighting to protect families from radical and dangerous ideologies, such as critical gender theory in Western Australia.