Celebrating International Men's Day: Bonding Over Stories of Resilience and Mateship


International Men's Day is an occasion dedicated to recognising and celebrating men's positive contributions and experiences in society. It's a day to foster mateship, highlight the importance of looking out for one another, and share inspiring stories of personal journeys and resilience. The United Nations doesn’t celebrate International Men’s Day, but that doesn’t mean One Nation won’t be hosting two events across the country to celebrate the day. The first event, set in Brisbane's Victoria Park, offers an exclusive opportunity to celebrate the enduring power of mateship and the remarkable stories of men who have overcome challenges. The second event, in Norwood, Adelaide, features an impressive lineup of speakers and aims to honour men's contributions to various fields.

International Men's Day at Victoria Park, Brisbane

Hosted by Senator Malcolm Roberts and attended by Senator Pauline Hanson, this International Men's Day event in Victoria Park, Brisbane, promises to be a memorable gathering of individuals who value the enduring bonds of mateship and the contributions of men to their country.

Guest Speaker Spotlight: Heston Russell

One of the highlights of this event is the presence of Heston Russell, a former Special Forces operative with an inspiring personal journey. Heston's story of resilience and transformation is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. His mission to empower others to reach their full potential showcases the positive impact men can have when they stand together for the right reasons.

Meet Jeff Horn OLY, Former World Boxing Champion

Another inspiring figure at this event is Jeff Horn OLY, a former world boxing champion. Jeff's journey from amateur ranks to defeating boxing legend Manny Pacquiao exemplifies determination and perseverance. His story is a testament to the resilience and dedication of men in their pursuit of excellence.

An Exceptional Experience

Both events emphasise the importance of sharing a meal, an age-old tradition that fosters connection and camaraderie. In Brisbane's Victoria Park, attendees will enjoy a diverse showcase of the flavours of Australia, offering a unique opportunity to savour the nation's culinary delights.

Raise Your Glass and Toast with Us

This International Men's Day event in Brisbane is more than just a gathering; it is a celebration of Australian men making a difference. This event aims to highlight men's positive impact on society through inspiring stories, shared experiences, and the spirit of mateship.

International Men's Day Lunch at Norwood FC

The International Men's Day lunch at Norwood FC, organised by the Hon. Sarah Game MLC, is set to be an inspiring event with an impressive lineup of speakers:

Former RAAF Fighter Pilot Jim Whalley AO: Jim Whalley's journey as a fighter pilot and his contributions to the nation's defence are extraordinary. His experiences promise to be both captivating and enlightening.

AFL Legend Chris McDermott: Chris McDermott's name is synonymous with Australian Rules Football. His presence at the event will surely evoke a sense of pride and nostalgia for fans of the sport.

Professor Gary Wittert: As a distinguished academic, Professor Gary Wittert's insights into men's health and well-being will shed light on the importance of caring for oneself and each other.

CEO of Master Builders SA Will Frogley: Will Frogley's leadership in the construction industry reflects men's diverse talents and contributions in various fields.

The event aims to celebrate the men in our lives and their contributions while providing a platform for sharing personal journeys and stories. Combining these diverse speakers ensures a well-rounded celebration of International Men's Day.