Dutton Proves ‘uni-party’ Committed To Ending Free Speech

One Nation continues to lead the conservative pack in the response to anti-freedom laws like digital ID and proposed disinformation legislation, while the Coalition is too scared to do anything.

Conservative Australians who value their freedom of speech and privacy are being let down by the Coalition, whose leader Peter Dutton had this week signalled he wanted a crackdown on free speech on social media.

Pauline says it’s unfortunate that Peter Dutton can’t show much stronger leadership on these vital issues instead of sitting on the fence all the time—or worse, actually backing Labor-Green attempts to stifle Australian freedoms and invade Australians’ privacy.

It took the Liberal leader a long time to finally come out against the voice to Parliament, months after One Nation, on principle, declared we opposed it. He keeps talking about nuclear energy, but until we get a firm election commitment from him that he will repeal the ban, it’s all just lip service. One Nation was advocating nuclear energy in Australia for years while the Coalition was handing over billions of taxpayer dollars to subsidise uncompetitive renewables.

The Coalition remains firmly committed to the net-zero fantasy and despite paying lip service to nuclear energy, Dutton’s rhetoric is not supported by his Queensland counterpart David Crisafulli who is supporting Labor’s 75%-by-2035 emissions reduction target while opposing nuclear energy in his state.

We know Mr Dutton’s frontbencher Paul Fletcher, the former minister for communications, firmly backs the implementation of digital ID and in August, the Coalition had invested more than $600 million of taxpayer dollars in progressing a national digital ID system. Just like Labor he says citizens are free not to have a digital ID, but the legislation which was forced through the Senate contains clear provisions to make it mandatory.

From the beginning One Nation has not only sought to defend the principles of free speech and personal privacy by opposing these laws, but we’ve also been absolutely and resolutely committed to unwinding them should we be in a position to do so.

We’ve done this because we respect and listen to the Australian people. The major parties backing these anti-freedom laws don’t trust the Australian people, and only want to control and silence them.