Educating Our Kids Should be Priority

Queensland’s education system was recently rocked by revelations teachers at Balmoral State High School posed in a raunchy and provocative calendar, during school hours, on school property.

Most Australians view the Balmoral High calendar as the catalyst for turning a spotlight our schooling system, the breakdown of classroom standards, lack of discipline, and some poor outcomes for children who are leaving schools.

The issues surrounding the controversy are far wider, and far deeper than just pictures in a calendar.

These pictures point to a system where teachers have largely lost control of their classrooms, so disempowered and deflated is their collective mood. If you want to control a classroom, one would be thinking dressing as a nun and taking pictures was not the way to go about it.

The ABS has reported that over the last decade the number of Australian children in private schools has increased by 25%, while the number in state schools is in decline.

And why wouldn’t parents choose a private school over a state school? As mentioned on 4BC Radio, a lot of mothers are aghast at this behaviour, and don’t find it acceptable.

The truth for those mums is this: would this calendar earn a teacher a reprimand, or dismissal at a private school? If the answer to that question is yes then it follows, in the interests of their child, a parent would choose a private system that wouldn’t tolerate such nonsense from their teachers.

One Nation has a comprehensive policy on education, that aims to give parents the flexibility to move between the private and public education system, using a voucher system to assist with the tuition of their children.

Our view is simple: parents know best for their kids. It is them that should decide where public funding is spent; after all it is their taxes that goes funding the education system.

Results from our Balmoral High Calendar survey

Recently One Nation surveyed Queenslanders about the appropriateness of the Balmoral High calendar, and the results are in. An overwhelming number of people are opposed to the concept of children being indoctrinated from these bawdy style calendars from Balmoral High teachers. See the results for yourself, nearly 2,000 people answered, which is a comprehensive number of people.

Also below are some of the comments that have been left by people to the survey.

"As a former teacher, I am horrified and disgusted by this behaviour. It should be called out as unaccepted rather than laughed at". MR

"Time for schools to do the basics. Children need to be prepared for the ups and downs of real life. Teaching is a commitment to children at any age none of this rubbish or drag queens". JK

"What people do in the privacy of their own home is their business. What they do in public and in public property is the business of the public. Pornographic material has no place in schools and especially when performed by teachers. This seems like grooming to me". JP

"Teachers must earn the respect of students and parents to arrest the slide in educational standards in Australia". PJ

"Children should be taught the curriculum and prepared educationally for the world upon finishing school. Teachers and parents should be protectors of a child's innocence and behave professionally and adhere to a code of conduct". PR

"What they did is only wrong because they did it on school grounds, during school hours and they displayed the calendar on the school. If they had done it elsewhere and kept it separate from their work and work environment, then I feel they can do what they like. No one is free from behaviour that someone else gets offended or upset by these days, and by taking away people’s right to have a laugh is over the top and stupid. Just because these people teach children doesn’t mean they have to be saints their entire life. Unless they do something directly to children (which the production and display of the calendar is) then let them be people. Society’s inability to let something slide off their back is running the world". DT

"Teachers, get back to teaching the three R's instead of trying to dumb down our next generation". KM

"This is outrageous but typical of today's woke ideology being forced on our children via the education dept". DH

"Teaching is supposed to be imparting life skills, knowledge, wisdom and social skills, to enable each student to become competent, responsible adults, and critical thinkers, who are helpful and compassionate members of society. The teachers at BSHS involved in such public and religious mockery and cynicism are not fit to be 'teachers' of any age group". LM

"I can't even believe someone came up with this ridiculous idea. I am shocked and those teachers should be ashamed of themselves, remove the calendars and apologise to the school and the community". JP