Great news for Aussie Battler Family

Some incredible news today from Pauline’s fish and chip van trip to the heart of Steven Miles’ electorate, where she fed Queensland’s poor, disposed locals, left homeless because of Labor’s relentless and reckless immigration surge.

You may remember Cameron, his wife and six children, who Pauline was happy to help. Damian Huxham, One Nation’s National Secretary, introduced Cameron and his homeless family to Pauline on the day of her visit to Rothwell.

Cameron had been homeless with his family for six months, after a mine accident rendered him unable to continue his FIFO work. They were refugees in their own country. Through summer storms and freezing nights.

Damian said to Cameron, “Mate, we can’t get you a home, only Labor, the party of government, can make the choice to choose you over one of their new immigrants. But we can put some food in your bellies and shine the country’s biggest light on your problem. And I reckon within a week the government will listen and you’ll get a home. Because, when Pauline speaks, people listen.”

Guess what? Damian was 100% correct. The government has paid attention and finally found Cameron and his family a place to call home, thank goodness.

Cameron and his family have a home because Labor was shamed into doing something for these families. But our work hasn’t stopped. We won’t settle until every Aussie that needs a home gets one, and every child can leave for school knowing they won’t return home to a family desperate to know where their next meal will come from.

Charity starts from home. And as Pauline says, ‘Aussies before refugees’.