Grim news for Australians wanting a home

In heartbreaking news for many Australians hoping to crack into the property market, the Reserve Bank governor has said they should ‘shack-up’ and increase the number of people under one roof. The story goes that we need to have 2.8 people per household rather than the current 2.4 if we want to carve out demand for about 1.2 million Australians in the housing market. That’s easy to say when you’re on a salary of about $1 million a year and won’t have to resort to such measures yourself.

While the governor’s comments are partly a nod to One Nation’s policy of tax concessions for people who may want to rent out a spare bedroom, and loosening restrictions on who can rent a granny flat, rather than trying their luck in the short-term holiday accommodation market.

However, the sad component to the news is that the RBA has said Australians should prepare for their kids to stay at home for longer. Let’s put the brave new world order created by Labor’s drive for outrageous levels of immigration into context with some facts…

  1. Staying at home longer will obviously delay until even further young couples getting married.
  2. Medical experts regard expectant mothers older than 35 as ‘geriatric mothers’, with significant health risks associated with later-life child rearing and pregnancies. 
  3. A family’s children who stay at home longer will delay couples having children of their own.
  4. This will contribute to falling birthrates, and a collapse in the numbers of Australia’s next generation.
  5. Medical journals are littered with the various problems of having children over the age of 35.
  6. Only young Australians with parents who can help them pay for a home will be able to secure a property.
  7. Talented young Australians who may want to study at a tertiary institution or obtain a trade further from the family home will find it impossible to pay for accommodation, and miss the productivity they’ll be able to add to the economy.
  8. Family breakdowns and strain will only exacerbate as families have to accommodate adult children living in their homes.

These symptoms of Labor’s sick plan to push immigration, which will sardine families and strangers under one roof, are tragic, but avoidable. A rapid reduction of immigration, and a freeze on issuing visas or renewals. would immediately start to reduce the demand for housing across Australia.  Our country could then start to heal, and catch up on all the outstanding infrastructure needed to accommodate more people. When home prices normalise, families will feel more secure and expand, which can only be beneficial. Healthy, thriving families are the backbone of any decent society.

A reduction in migration has long been a core One Nation policy. And for good reason: we put Australians and their country first.