Hands Off Our Super

Despite promises before the election, Labor has declared war on superannuation savings. There are not many people in the country who thought they’d keep their promise not to touch our super savings, and our scepticism hasn’t been misplaced.



So far Labor has outrageously proposed:

1) A ‘crackdown’ on superannuation tax arrangements – with plans to slash the savings for many Australians
2) Stop people from accessing their money in times of hardship
3) To quote, ‘If our big task is to make superannuation sustainable, then this kind of conversation shouldn’t table the table’ – code for restricting investment in profitable businesses like mining so Labor can make you pay for their extremist climate agenda
4) Change the defined purpose of super to make investments “sustainable” in the sense that it is “robust to demographic, social and economic change” – code for coercing your super fund to invest in schemes the government ‘approve of’, which is the exact route various communist governments have taken throughout the 20th century.

(Source: Australian Financial Review 22/02/2023)

Labor always spends everything it has in the bank, and then goes after our savings. One Nation stands opposed to Labor's plans to destroy our super savings and will fight with every breath we have. Pauline Hanson protects pensioners!