Here comes the call for treaty

One Nation supporters have seen it all before – despite overwhelming support in the Australian community for one thing, Labor, the Greens, academics and activists are determined to do the opposite. 

This is the case with immigration. With climate change ideology. With foreign aid. And, of course, with an indigenous treaty. 

Black activist and former Greens senator Lidia Thorpe put her contempt for the referendum result on full display this week, demanding the Albanese government proceed with a treaty and ‘truth-telling’ – code for rewriting Australian history to maximise financial settlements funded by non-indigenous taxpayers. 

Pauline Hanson had other ideas. One Nation, with amazing support from its supporters and volunteers, played a prominent role in the no campaign to help secure the 60% no vote in Australia and the 69% no vote Queensland. 

Australia, she said in Parliament this week, voted overwhelmingly not just to reject the voice but also the demands in the Uluru Statement for a treaty and a truth-telling commision. 

“Australians understood the voice was a crucial first step towards a treaty, and they knocked it back. They understood the voice, treaty and ‘truth-telling’ would divide this country by race, and they knocked them back. 

Watch the speech here (or click image below)

“They understood that failure to close the gaps would not be fixed by more bureaucracy and more billions of dollars wasted on the Aboriginal industry gravy train. They heard from this industry and the indigenous elites who live large on the Australian taxpayer while Aborigines in remote communities continue to suffer poverty, crime and welfare dependency. 

“They were lectured by big business, big banks, academics, activists, the Greens, the Teals, Minister Burney and Prime Minister Albanese. They heard these out-of-touch ‘leaders’ tell them they were racist and stupid if they didn’t do what they were told. 

“They were told Australia’s international reputation would suffer – and then watched the yes campaigners go on the BBC to trash Australia’s international reputation. 

“They were told by these same out-of-touch ‘leaders’ the no campaign was all lies, misinformation and disinformation. They watched the yes campaign castigate the media for daring to report on the no campaign. 

“They rejected all of it. 

“I was born here too. So were millions of other Australians who don’t identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people. This country belongs to all of us. It does not only belong to the modern descendants of the stone-age hunter-gatherers discovered by British explorers and settlers. 

“There is only one nation on this continent. There has only ever been one nation on this continent, founded on 1 January 1901. So there cannot be a legitimate treaty, and this means there also no requirement for so-called ‘truth-telling’. Governments don’t sign treaties with their own citizens.”