Immigration vote now!

Senators terrified of giving Australians a voice have voted down legislation which would enable a national plebiscite on future immigration levels. 

The vote on 21 March demonstrated most of the Senate was completely out of step with the Australian people they served. 

Last year’s referendum showed the elites of this nation are out of touch with the Australian people. This vote in the Senate on my immigration plebiscite bill has demonstrated this fact again. 

The Liberals said the question was ‘too complex’ to put to the people. This obvious contempt for the intelligence of the Australian electorate is disgusting. Last year’s referendum showed the majority of Australians get it right when they’re given the opportunity, and that issue wasn’t considered too complex to put to them. 

Labor just said how dare Pauline Hanson even raise this issue, and then spoke about the past in their refusal to face the present crises for which they are responsible. As usual, they went down the same worn down path of racism accusations, when in fact this is just asking for Australians to be given a say about the numbers. 

The major parties, the Greens, Jacqui Lambie and David Pocock are absolutely terrified of what they know Australians would say in a compulsory national vote on immigration levels. Poll after poll after poll shows that whenever we’re asked, the majority of Australians want lower immigration. Two recent polls in December last year put this figure at more than 60%. 

They’re not just ignoring the opinion polls. They’re ignoring the growing chorus against high immigration from economic commentators. They’re ignoring the huge numbers of people lining up to inspect a single property, desperate to secure a rental.  

They’re ignoring the growing congestion in our cities. They’re ignoring the families struggling to find the money to pay skyrocketing rents amid our cost of living crisis. They’re ignoring the growing cities of tents, swags and cars as more Australians fall into homelessness and despair.  

It’s no wonder they’re running scared. Australians are struggling, desperate and angry. More than 125,000 new arrivals – more than the population of Ballarat and almost that of Darwin – came to Australian in January this year. A single month. 

I’m listening to Australians. I always listen to Australians. I’ve been listening since 1996, when I was first elected to Parliament, and called for a halt to immigration. I’ve been almost a lone voice on this issue among Australian political leaders, the rest of which seem in lock step with big business and other out-of-touch elites in pushing ‘big Australia’.  

Australians know better, because unlike wealthy politicians and elites it is the Australian people who experience the negative impacts of this record high immigration first hand. It’s time we exercised our voice, which is why I’m calling for a plebiscite.  

One Nation has always championed lower immigration in solidarity with the majority of Australians. On their behalf I am demanding a halt on immigration, and for the government to put the Australian people first.