Join the Movement: Pledge Your Support Against the 9% Stamp Duty on Insurance Premiums

One Nation doesn't want crime to pay so we have announced we will seek to remove the 9% stamp duty on insurance premiums which have risen as crime explodes across the state. 

We have taken our first step in the 2024 Queensland election, and we need your support! Sign the pledge to reduce insurance premiums (see below). 

Queenslanders are burdened with a 9% state stamp duty on insurance premiums, driving up insurance costs. One Nation is determined to remove this tax.

James Ashby of One Nation has highlighted how rising crime in areas like Townsville, Cairns, Rockhampton, and Toowoomba is leading to increased insurance claims and higher premiums.

Join us in opposing this tax and ensuring that crime doesn't pay.

Many residents in these regions are seeing insurance costs rise by $1000 or more annually, even without filing a claim. Insurance companies can raise premiums if your area experiences more property theft or damage, putting the burden on you.

Let's send a message to the major parties: the double tax on insurance premiums is wrong. Nearly 20% of your premium is taxes (GST + stamp duty). Crime shouldn't line the state government's pockets, driving up our insurance costs.

This 9% tax is a cost-of-living issue. Your support will provide relief to Queenslanders facing high taxes under an out-of-control crime.

Pledge your support now to ensure that crime doesn't pay.

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