Labor Illegals Immigration Flood Has Started

Surprise, surprise, it looks like another boatload of illegals has landed in Australia.

According to media reports, approximately 30 men, claiming to be from Pakistan, have landed in a remote region of WA. Almost the exact same thing happened late last November.

It's time the Albanese Labor Government took responsibility for losing control of our borders. Every responsible Minister needs to be held accountable, from the PM down.

Immigration Minister Andrew Giles should be sacked, Home Affairs Minister Clare O'Neil should be sacked, Attorney General Mark Dreyfus should be sacked, and Anthony Albanese should be turfed out as well.

The Albanese Labor Government has lost control of our borders; this is unforgivable, if they won't accept responsibility and resign, they need to be sent a message at the next election.

Enough is enough.