Labor's Sick Tax

Queensland’s Labor Government has a plan for a new family doctor tax, and One Nation have had enough. This will be the final straw for most families, as the increased tax will be passed onto families seeking help at their most vulnerable time.

Sick parents, children and the elderly will be forced out of bulk billing as the tax is passed onto those paying medical expenses. We need your help to stop this absolute disgrace.  


To the Honourable President and Members of the Senate in Parliament assembled

The petition of the undersigned shows:

We strongly oppose the Queensland Labor government’s new interpretation of payroll tax laws that have resulted in a 4.75% increase in total billings for doctors who work as contractors. This tax is not only burdensome, but it is also unjust as the cost will be passed onto patients with already stretched budgets. Healthcare services, as a basic human need, should be exempt from taxes, especially when public hospitals are exempt from payroll tax. We strongly urge the Australian Senate to reject Labor’s sick tax.


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