LNP All Over The Place On Energy Policy

Queenslanders desperate for lower energy bills will have no party to turn to but One Nation at the October election following LNP leader David Crisafulli’s surrender to the cult of climate change.

Mr Crisafulli’s support of the Miles Labor government’s 75% emissions reduction target by 2035 has demonstrated there is virtually no difference between the major parties.

David Crisafulli’s surrender doesn’t surprise anyone with an eye on Queensland politics. He may as well be in Labor or the Greens. He backed the divisive path to treaty legislation too, only reversing this position when Pauline Hanson spoke out after the referendum and said One Nation would repeal it.

He’s a policy regressive who’s not going to do Queenslanders any favours. He’s not working for Queensland. This radical 75% target could easily see draconian restrictions on diesel fuel use – which is absolutely critical in the movement of goods around a state as enormous as Queensland, as well as for farming and mining – more rainforest cleared in northern areas to build forests of wind turbines, and more prime farmland covered in transmission lines and solar panels.

You’d think Queensland-based Nationals leader David Littleproud would be telling Mr Crisafulli to stand with the state’s farmers and protect prime farmland from this destruction, but you’d be wrong. He’s firmly committed to the Coalition’s net-zero fantasy. And as we’ve all seen demonstrated across Australia the past 20 years the certain result will be higher energy bills for Queensland households and businesses, and further decline in our industries and manufacturing. Mr Crisafulli would rather cripple our energy security with unreliable renewables than support the only proven and reliable emissions-free technology: nuclear energy, which he’s already ruled out in Queensland.

This is very much at odds with Queensland-based Liberal leader Peter Dutton’s stance on nuclear energy, so it prompts the obvious question: what do these clowns really stand for and why should any Australian trust them?

At least they can trust One Nation, which has always been consistent on energy policy. One Nation will never support crippling our economy, reducing our standard of living or destroying our ability to feed ourselves based on the ideology and fearmongering of the cult of climate change.