No Digital ID Rallies

This weekend in major cities across Australia One Nation and its supporters organised rallies to protest the government’s Digital ID laws.

Find a rally in a city near you here:

You can imagine a dystopian future where a government will use Digital ID to control the way people spend money, where they travel, who they can talk to and what they can say. Across the western world, this is exactly the invasion into private lives already occurring.

Socialism in all its ugly forms is taking control of our lives by increment, and a Digital ID is part of the process.

But why are we rallying?  If we don’t rally, the government won’t know they face opposition. We need to send a loud and clear message.

We are rallying because having people come together spreads a message, it gets people talking. It lets people know there is a real and present risk to their futures.

We are showing the government that they don’t run the country, the people do.

Labor won’t listen unless they think their votes will be threatened.  

Let’s also be clear, One Nation is the only party that is 100% opposed to the Digital ID laws. The Liberal Party recently boasted they were the architects of the legislation; they want the control just as much as Labor want the control. They may vote against Labor’s Digital ID plans but will implement their own identical version once elected. The Liberals and Nationals are untrustworthy in the Digital ID space.

Of course, the media won’t report that rallies are on, or care if thousands of people turn up. They are pedalling Labor’s vicious and socialist agenda at every opportunity. And it’s frightening.  

Organising major rallies across the country is no small task. The major parties don’t, and you can bet the Liberals never would. The Liberals are too flushed with cash from big donors to ever really care about the plight of Aussies. Besides, if they held a rally, it might mean they had to meet real people.