No to Elites and Their 'Voice'

One Nation stands as an opponent to the race-based 'Voice' referendum that will divide Australia. Anthony Albanese and his elitist mate’s ‘Voice’ is the opposite of what Australia needs right now.



We are opposed to dividing Australia along racial lines. We are one, but we are many. We are not an elitist country.

One Nation proposes all Australians unite, and respect our nation as equal citizens, under one flag.

No one race is above another race, nor should one race get preferential treatment over another.

It is clear that the voice will be used to usher in new taxes, like the abhorrent race-based ‘Rent Tax’, aimed at non-Aboriginal landholders.

Sign our petition against the race-based Rent Tax


In South Australia One Nation star MP The Hon. Sarah Game MLC stood alone in opposition to the South Australian parliament implementing their state’s version of the ‘voice’.

Sarah Game's stunning win is featured here

One Nation scored a stunning win when Sarah Game’s opposition to the ‘Voice’ resulted in the state Liberal backing her position and opposing SA’s ‘Voice’.

These are the wins we can achieve if we unite against their elites Voice and see Australia prosper as the united and content country it once was.