Petition to Safeguard Port Stephens Pristine Coastline

We, the undersigned, vehemently oppose the looming threat to Port Stephens' unparalleled coastline posed by the proposed installation of towering wind turbines. Stretching from Norah Heads to Seal Rocks, this ill-conceived plan imperils our environment, economy, and community.

1. Environmental Precipice: The proposed turbines, at a towering 260 meters, imperil our marine ecosystem. Anchoring them up to 200 meters deep will disrupt delicate habitats, while the installation process itself will scar the ocean bed and harm marine life irreparably.

2. Economic Fallout: Port Stephens thrives on its unique beauty and thriving businesses. The turbines' impact on prime game fishing grounds jeopardizes tourism and local enterprises. Our economy will suffer, businesses will falter, and the soul of our community will diminish.

4. Neglected Concerns: Despite our fervent concerns, authorities have dismissed us. Our voices remain unheard, and our questions unanswered, showing a lack of respect for community sentiment.

5. Looming Giants: These turbines will dwarf even Mt. Tomaree, an iconic attraction. Our scenic landscape will forever change, sacrificing natural beauty for short-term gains.

We Demand:

  • Transparency: Authorities must address our concerns promptly and honestly, revealing the potential consequences.
  • Immediate Halt: Halt this proposal now. Our coast is not expendable; our community and environment come first.
  • Community-Centric Decisions: Prioritise the well-being of Port Stephens residents in all decisions.

Join the Cause:

We stand united to shield Port Stephens. Halt this destructive proposal for a sustainable future.

Will you stand with us and sign the petition?

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