One Nation James Ashby Exposes Labor's Empty Promises

In a pointed response to the latest lackluster Queensland Labor announcement, One Nation's candidate for Keppel, James Ashby, has sharply criticised the Labor party's ongoing failure to fulfil its commitments to Great Keppel Island. Despite Labor Minister Grace Grace recently heralding a new package of funding allegedly aimed at supporting infrastructure enhancements and clean-up initiatives, Ashby has revealed these promises to be mere reiterations of announcements that have remained unfulfilled for the past four years.

James said that here we are again, subjected to the same old song and dance from Labor—promises that are rehashed and repackaged but consistently fail to materialise. The fundamental needs of Great Keppel Island, including robust boat ramps, a cyclone-rated jetty, power with backup generators, and a modern sewerage system, have been sorely neglected. The actual changes made are minimal, merely consisting of undercover tables and a repurposed mine site toilet installed by the local council—an affront to the island's potential and splendour.

A glaring example of disregard occurred during a supposed visit by Minister Grace to the island. She had booked the local ferry service, Freedom Fastcats, in preparation for her visit along with her officials. Yet, she failed to show up, choosing an alternative service and leaving the business to cope with added staff and expenses. James Ashby said that like the debris that litters our beautiful island, Labor has left a trail of financial ruin, stranding a local business with over $6000 in losses.

Recently, a significant achievement highlighted James Ashby's dedication as he rallied to community to influence the State Government to revert to using 'Great Keppel Island' on official documents, moving away from the community-rejected name 'Woppa'. This action underscores One Nation's commitment to protecting the heritage and interests of the entire central Queensland region.

The neglect from Labor extends beyond these blunders; it reflects the daily struggles of island residents and businesses who have faced significant challenges—including the closure of a major resort, the global financial crisis, Cyclone Marcia, and the COVID-19 pandemic—without adequate government support. They are left with nothing but empty promises from a government that has proven itself incapable of delivery.

However, Mr Ashby promises a different path. He assures that One Nation is not just focused on making temporary fixes but is committed to fundamentally enhancing Great Keppel Island. He pledged; our commitment is aimed not only at restoring the island's infrastructure but also at rejuvenating its natural beauty and securing a sustainable economic future.

As Labor continues to fall short on its promises, James Ashby's determination highlights an urgent need for genuine and community leadership. Keppel’s leadership must not only comprehend the issues at hand but also be ready to address them decisively, ensuring that Great Keppel Island and the broader region can once again flourish as a crown jewel off Queensland's coast.