One Nation's Bold Move: No Confidence Vote Against Albanese Government

The wheels are falling off the Albanese government, and it’s become so bad that One Nation moved a vote of no confidence in Labor in the Senate this week.

Pauline Hanson listed a litany of failure and incompetence by Labor in her motion, careful to note how the anti-Australian Greens are enabling it and even controlling the government.

From the failed $450 million referendum to the release of dangerous criminals into the community from immigration detention (four of which have since been arrested for alleged crimes since being released), it’s been a very bad few weeks for the Prime Minister and opinion polls have reflected this – according to some, if an election were held now it would be all over for Anthony Albanese.

No wonder he left the country when it was all going down, desperate to escape the hard questions about his faltering leadership and failing government. Airbus Albo has racked up more air miles than veteran airline pilots.

Pauline challenged “the worst government I’ve ever seen” to do just that: call an early election.

Record immigration driving inflation and the national housing and rental crisis, and rapidly growing homelessness.

Climate change policies driving record electricity and fuel prices, closing down cheaper and more reliable coal and gas power, and threatening the future of mining in Australia.

Direct attacks on our world-leading farming sector – slashing dam projects, covering farming land with transmission lines, closing down live exports and taking more water from irrigators and communities in the Murray-Darling Basin – the end result being eye-watering grocery bills.

These issues and many more were raised in this debate, which was voted down only by the superior numbers of Labor, the Greens and doormat David Pocock. One, of only two Labor senators to stand up, mostly spoke about how her feelings were hurt. That’s what the Albanese government has been reduced to. At the next election, it’s imperative Australians make it a one-term Labor government and elect a conservative Parliament with One Nation holding the balance of power. There’s a lot of work ahead in undoing the damage done by Anthony Albanese.