Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Australia

Dear Prime Minister,

Given the undeniable failure of the recent referendum Australians adamantly demand your immediate resignation. We outline the following reasons which underscore our demand:

  1. Lack of Clarity: From the outset, the objectives of the referendum were not communicated clearly to the public. Many Australians were left confused about the specifics of the proposal, resulting in the Yes campaign spreading misinformation and there being a feeling of apathy towards the process.
  2. Poor Management: The administration and execution of the referendum process were marked by logistical shortcomings. From polling booths being ill-equipped to handle the influx of voters, to widespread reports of missing or delayed ballot papers, the entire process seemed ill-prepared.
  3. Financial Misjudgment: An astounding 400 million dollars were allocated for this process. For a referendum of such importance, the lack of foresight in ensuring that this money was well-spent is of the highest concern.
  4. Divisiveness: Instead of uniting the nation, the referendum has created further divisions. You were warned of this for a very long time, yet you chose to ignore our party’s warning. The dialogue surrounding the referendum was often polarised and lacked the nuanced, inclusive debate we expect in our democracy. Each day campaigners and voters for the ‘No’ cause (an overwhelming majority of Australians in each state and the Northern Territory) were subject to the most horrific and unacceptable abuse.
  5. Missed Opportunities: That 400 million dollars could have been channeled into areas of pressing concern. Our healthcare system, education, infrastructure, and justice system are in dire need of attention and resources. These funds could have provided much-needed support to our struggling communities, furthered research in critical regional, rural, and remote areas, or even been used to combat the escalating cost of living that everyday Australians face.

Prime Minister, leadership is about responsibility, foresight, and the ability to guide a nation, especially in times of uncertainty. The failed Voice referendum reflects a lapse in these essential qualities. For the future of Australia and considering these failures, we believe a change in Australia’s leadership is imperative.

Yours sincerely,

The People of Australia

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