Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson (nee Seccombe) was born in Brisbane in 1954. Pauline has 4 children and 2 grandchildren. Her first husband was a Polish refugee who migrated to Australia with his mother in the early ’50s. In 1978, Pauline and her second husband Mark, started their own plumbing business, employing apprentices and tradesmen, until her divorce in 1987. That same year she bought a small business takeaway, which she ran for 10 years until 1997, and was also a small cattle producer. In 1994 Pauline entered politics for the first time and was elected as a councillor on the Ipswich City Council till 1995.

In the August 1995, she joined the Liberal Party, was endorsed as their candidate for the Federal seat of Oxley in November. Pauline was calling for equality for all Australians and in doing so was labelled racist. On 14th February 1996 on instructions from John Howard, she was dis-endorsed. Pauline contested the election on 2nd March as an Independent winning the seat with the biggest swing in the nation. Pauline Hanson’s election to Parliament, gave her the title as the first Independent woman to hold a seat in the House of Representatives. It was not an easy time for her, but she continued to speak out for Australians on topics that were seen as taboo by the major political parties. Also as a member of Parliament, she informed Australians of hidden agendas and treaties that were not in Australia’s best interests and were going to be signed behind closed doors. Pauline was a member of the federal parliament from 1996 till October 1998.

In 1998, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation won 11 seats when it contested the Queensland state election. The major political parties saw her as a threat to their power and positions and a few months later changed the voting system to preferential voting just prior to the 1998 federal election, to stop One Nation winning seats.

She was forced to resign from Pauline Hanson’s One Nation in January 2002, because of internal party politics.

Pauline saw her party de-registered on more than one occasion, and she faced criminal charges along with David Ettridge the party’s national director, over the registration of the Queensland party. In 2003 Pauline and David were found guilty and were sentenced to 3 years in a maximum-security prison in Brisbane. After serving 11 weeks Pauline and David were released, with all charges quashed. Bronwyn Bishop former minister of the Howard Government declared Pauline was Australia’s first Political prisoner.

In July 2006, The Bulletin named Pauline as one of the MOST INFLUENTIAL AUSTRALIANS.

Today, the party she founded in 1997, is now called Pauline Hanson’s One Nation. Pauline re-joined the party as leader and National Chairman, and now serves as a Senator.

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    • Grant Power
      commented 2021-11-23 20:25:03 +1000
      Please email me Pauline ASAP I have some excellent information for your party!
    • Grant Power
      commented 2021-11-23 20:25:02 +1000
      Please email me Pauline ASAP I have some excellent information for your party!
    • Violet Renard
      commented 2021-10-12 06:46:00 +1000
      Hi Pauline
      I have just signed an epetition against a bill the govt is trying to bring in that will allow the unvaccinated to be locked up under biosecurity laws. Do you know how it can be thrown out? Thank you.
    • Grego Ben
      commented 2020-12-23 22:23:07 +1000
      Only rate payers should vote in council elections as they have a vestested interest in the local community
    • Tom Auriac
      published this page in Our Team 2020-11-03 15:38:32 +1000