Pauline Hanson supporting Israel and Australia’s Jewish Community

This week in the Senate, Pauline Hanson wore a scarf that contained the Israeli flag. It was deemed ‘unparliamentary’ as it was a ‘political statement’. However, the Australian Greens have been allowed to wear Palestinian symbols on their clothing without so much as anyone batting an eyelid. The additional irony was that it was a Greens senator, Dorinda Cox, who was sitting in the President’s chair when the ruling was made.



Attacking an Israeli flag while turning a blind eye to the waving of pro-Palestinian symbols is a gross nod to the growing,  and concerning, tide of putrid antisemitism in Australia.

On Chris Kenny’s Sky News segment this week, Senator Hanson laid out exactly why she wore the Israeli scarf and made it clear she wants the ‘facts out there in the public’.

On October 7 last year internationally recognised terror group Hamas invaded Israel and killed, abducted, and raped more than 1200 innocent Israeli men, women, and children. Their attacks were as indiscriminate as they were despicable.

These are simple facts: the attack was unprovoked, unreasonable, appalling, and vile. There has never been such a large loss of Jewish life since the Holocaust of World War II.

Hamas is the democratically elected government of Palestine. Palestine and Hamas are not two separate identities, they are one and the same. The people of Palestine, under the authority of their elected Government, invaded and attacked a neighbour. Hamas, and the people of Palestine, oppose the existence of Israel and call for the destruction of all Jewish people.

In response to the attacks, Israel has invaded Palestine in self defence, in no different way to the American response to Pearl Harbor, or Australia ‘s response to the civilian loss of life in Darwin by the hands of the Japanese during World War II.  

In the Senate this week Pauline Hanson asked the Labor government to ‘please explain’ why they supported an abhorrent and repugnant United Nations motion pushing full recognition of Palestine in their governing body.  It was an outrageous move by Australia, and unmasked Labor’s nod to the domestic growth of antisemitic fever.

Labor’s response? That line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet comes to mind, “God hath given you one face, and you make yourself another.” Labor speaks out of both sides of its mouth when dealing with our Jewish community. They condemn Hamas, the democratically elected government of Palestine, and then vote in the general assembly to support their bid for full status and a ‘two-state solution’.  

Labor wants to reward Hamas terrorism because that group of antisemitic barbarians has huge support in the socialist left of Labor and the Australian Greens. It is enough to make any level-headed Australian dizzy with nausea.  It’s as if Labor and the world learned nothing from the crimes inflicted against the worldwide Jewish community from the 1930’s to 1945.

Pauline Hanson made it clear to Chris Kenny that she values the Jewish community and wants to do everything she can to ensure their safety, whether on university campuses, or in the community broadly.

You can say a lot of things about Pauline Hanson and her team, but one thing is for certain, when you ask them a question, no matter how curly, they will always answer that question straight. No talking about of both sides of the mouth, each question is answered honestly and in a forthright manner.