Pauline's Winter Jumper Collection

People have spent their lives having a go at Pauline Hanson, but it’s water off a duck’s back. Pauline keeps on fighting, and when she’s not fighting, she is either baking cakes from scratch or knitting jumpers for her supporters. Which are now available to purchase in our online shop for the 2024 winter season.

This week you’d have to be blind Freddy to have missed the brouhaha in Federal Court over Pauline’s Tweet to the leader of another political party. The legal arguments are now in the hands of the Honourable Court, but the lawyer’s bills remain!

As we are all aware, there is still no decision yet in the case against Pauline over her right to free speech.  It will be a highly anticipated judgement.

Pauline is a fighter; she fights for every Australian. She has the guts to say what you’re thinking and no one will ever stop her.

To support Pauline in her battle for justice, you could assist with campaigns or contribute to her legal fund and her continuous fight for our rights by purchasing one of her jumpers. These have been hand knitted by Pauline, with her personal label sewn onto each one.


Mother’s day is soon upon us, and what a lovely bespoke, one-of-a-kind gift – a jumper personally hand knitted by Pauline Hanson. You will purchase this treasured gift knowing that while Pauline was knitting each one with love and care (as is her way), she was thinking of the wrongs of the country that she needs to set right.

These handknits are created with the attention to detail that Pauline continually examples in her life’s work. As you could imagine Pauline saying, 'it’s no point being half-baked in your work, whether that be your rhetoric, your knitting or even making your Victoria Sponges.’

And look, while we're on the subject of 'Victoria'.... Did you know that the Victoria Sponge was named after Queen Victoria, who was monarch at the time of Australia’s federation?

Queen Victoria was the second longest serving Monarch behind her great-great granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth II.

The courts of law in Brisbane, the center of justice in Queensland, is named in Queen Elizabeth II’s honor.

An overwhelming majority of Australians held both Monarchs in high esteem. Both monarchs were treasured, historical women whose impact and legacy helped shape our democratic and vibrant country. Please support Pauline in continuing the legacy of strong and courageous women.