Rally for Fadden

This Saturday night we will showcase the dedication and hard work of our local candidate, Sandy Roach, in Fadden. Join us on Saturday evening as we gather to hear about Sandy's remarkable achievements. Joining Sandy will be the hard-working Queensland Senator, Malcolm Roberts, who has been tirelessly serving our community.

One Nation is proud to present it's positive plans for the Gold Coast Community, and we are eager to hear your valuable thoughts on the future direction of our great country.

Collectively, we have the power to address pressing issues such as the housing crisis, reducing crime rates, fostering stronger communities, and revitalising our economy, ultimately restoring prosperity for all.

The Liberals have neglected Fadden and other communities throughout Australia. And even worse, the local Gold Coast Labor Minister for Housing has dismissively shrugged off the notion that immigration contributes to the rental crisis. Instead, they prioritise posing for glamour shots on social media, while countless local families remain without homes.

It is abundantly clear that our community deserves more than the worn-out policies of the major parties.

Let us unite as a vibrant community, working hand in hand towards a future brimming with brightness and positivity—a future that promises a better and safer community for all.



July 08, 2023 at 6:00pm - 9pm


Life Development Centre
67 Warrener St
Nerang , QLD 4211
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Will you come?