On Sunday, May 5, One Nation held rallies across 7 Australian cities in opposition to the proposed Labor/Liberal Digital ID legislation.

The rallies were very well attended, even though some parts of the country were experiencing inclement weather. Cumulatively, the number of people who protested were in the thousands.

Rallying against the Digital ID is the first set of public protest rallies that Pauline Hanson’s One Nation has ever organised.

Our speakers, from MPs to lawyers and experts in the field of privacy, all exposed the Digital ID

Pauline Hanson and One Nation have never been known to run from a fight. We know the digital ID is flawed, fundamentally wrong, and will almost certainly be abused by governments to restrict our lives as citizens.

It is also true that the Labor/Liberal Uni-party has no desire to give up an ounce of control over our lives. We know fighting the Digital ID is a David-Goliath battle. But we won’t give up.

Next week, we will submit our petition to parliament, asking that this legislation be halted.

We will hold more events throughout the country as we continue to fight this most insidious of proposals.