Royal Commission On Pandemic Needed, Not Royal Honours

COVID-19 pandemic measures implemented by the Andrews and McGowan Labor governments are deserving of a comprehensive Royal Commission rather than the King’s Birthday honours awarded to both former premiers.

If Labor premiers’ health policies during the pandemic merit them receiving Australia’s highest honour (the Companion of the Order of Australia (AC)) then there should be no hesitation in having a Royal Commission examine them. If these former Labor premiers’ COVID-19 measures are so worthy of such high praise, why is the Prime Minister avoiding their examination – along with the ‘expert’ health advice which led to them – by a Royal Commission as he promised?

Surely the ‘success’ of these measures can stand the scrutiny of a Royal Commission into the management of the COVID-19 pandemic by all Australian governments?

Never mind that these former Labor premiers trampled all over Australians’ human rights, forced the closure of many private businesses, led to thousands of people permanently losing their jobs, and left a legacy of enormous public debt as they borrowed and spent money like a drunken sailor.

One Nation demands a Royal Commission. Only a Royal Commission would have the necessary coercive power to compel the ‘expert’ health advice that state and territory governments used to justify lockdowns and COVID-19 vaccine mandates – advice which to date has been kept hidden from the Australian people.

The pandemic was the most disruptive and damaging event to Australia since the Second World War. Rather than the Prime Minister’s worthless inquiry aimed at protecting decision-makers, Australians deserve a full Royal Commission into how this event unfolded and was managed. We need to know what worked and what didn’t, so we’re better prepared for the next such event while being able to ensure that future measures don’t compromise the basic human rights that underpin Australian democracy.

That these former Labor premiers are also republicans and got a King’s Birthday gong is a double slap in the face to Australians.