Hon. Sarah Game MLC

Sarah Game made history in 2022 by becoming the first One Nation member of the Parliament of South Australia, and the first female One Nation parliamentarian elected anywhere other than Pauline Hanson herself.

From a young age, Sarah has always wanted to make a positive contribution to her community. She excelled at school and chose veterinary medicine as a career, completing her tertiary studies in 2006. Not long after, she moved to the United Kingdom where she not only practiced as a vet but later began a second career as a teacher.

"I’m a hard worker, and everything I’ve chosen to do has been to make a positive difference in my community. I love animals – especially horses – and being a vet has allowed me to help them and their owners.

"Teaching in the UK was a very different sort of job. Many of the children I worked with had learning difficulties and helping them to overcome those problems, and to thrive at school, gave me a passion for quality education.

"Improving education standards and outcomes in South Australia is one of my main priorities. Schools should provide students with a safe, secure, and inclusive environment that facilitates their learning and development. My experience has been that when you set high expectations for students they will rise to meet them, but standards in South Australia have fallen. That’s something I want to change."

Sarah is a single mum. She came back to Australia from the UK in 2016, moving to Adelaide where she put her career on hold for a time to focus on raising her three children before taking up veterinary practice again. Now, as a member of the South Australian parliament sharing the balance of power in the upper house, she’s trying to make a positive contribution for the wider South Australian community.

"My focus will always be on helping the most vulnerable in our community such as people suffering mental health issues, people facing homelessness, people in poverty, and people living with disabilities. Many people in South Australia feel disconnected from or ignored by the politicians who govern them. Pauline Hanson has been a powerful voice for the people, and that’s an example I want to follow in South Australia.

"One Nation always puts Australia and Australians first. I’ll always put South Australia and South Australians first."