Senator Malcolm Roberts Delivers Visionary Speech on Australia's Cost-of-Living Crisis

In a powerful and insightful address to the Senate, Senator Malcolm Roberts laid out a clear and comprehensive assessment of the factors driving Australia's current cost-of-living crisis. Not one to shy away from hard truths, Senator Roberts highlighted the significant impacts of net immigration figures on housing and infrastructure, asserting that a net of over 530,000 immigrants, as predicted by Deutsche Bank, are adding strain to an already stretched system.

Drawing attention to the increased costs associated with renewable energy, despite Australia's unprecedented investment in dud wind, solar, and battery technology, Senator Roberts dispelled the notion that these alternative sources lead to cheaper power bills. He pinpointed the inefficiencies, stating, "With the largest amount of wind, solar, and batteries on Australia’s power grid in our history, power bills have never been higher." A fact that underscores the need for a comprehensive energy policy that addresses both sustainability and affordability.

The Senator's critique of the Reserve Bank's policies was particularly poignant. He candidly pointed out that the printing of half a trillion dollars during the COVID crisis has contributed directly to the current inflation problem, especially as much of this vast sum benefitted foreign-owned multinationals.

But Senator Roberts didn't just outline the problems. He provided a clear path forward, championing the policies of One Nation. He emphasised the need to curb the surge of immigration to address housing issues, to re-evaluate Australia's commitment to UN net-zero objectives, and to put an end to unchecked money printing by the Reserve Bank.

The Senator's speech was a call to action, urging for pragmatic solutions over partisan politics. Roberts firmly positions One Nation as a party willing to make the tough decisions and have the necessary conversations to guide Australia towards stability and prosperity. His commitment to serving the people of Queensland and Australia shone through every word, reinforcing his reputation as a visionary leader dedicated to the betterment of the nation.

Watch the speech below.