Sometimes its sad when Pauline get’s predictions right

Pauline Hanson has been right in everything she has predicted and everything that she said would befall Australia if governments acted against the best interests of its people. On each occasion Pauline has made a grim or dire warning about repugnant government policy, she has been proven right.

Being right, though, is sometimes a regretful position to be in. The most recent reason why always being right can be a sad affair is the horrific news that a 73 year old grandmother from Perth, Western Australia, was the victim of a gut-wrenching home invasion at the hands of a recently released immigration detainee who has previously breached his curfew provisions.

Labor couldn’t even work out how to keep a person who is breaching his release provisions behind bars. And the results are just plainly horrific, as per the images.

This has all occurred under the watch of the Albanese Labor Government. Pauline Hanson has long predicted the chaos and criminal consequences of Labor’s open border policies.

Immigration Minister Andrew Giles, Home Affairs Minister Clare O'Neil, and Attorney General Mark Dreyfus should all be sacked. And Anthony Albanese should resign.

If they refuse to take responsibility, then it will be up to the people of Australia to hold them accountable at the ballot box.