The alternative vision to a divisive ‘Voice’

What are the alternatives to a Voice, and why hasn’t a vision of a united Australia been canvassed by leaders other than One Nation?

Let's explore a vision that draws from the wisdom of our past while looking toward the future.

Our beautiful land is a canvas painted with the stories of both Aboriginals and those who came after. It's a narrative of unity, struggles, and perseverance. We are one mob, not divided among races.

That’s a vision we would love to instill in our nation. Unity. A vision where all those who want to be a part of our Aussie culture can join if they respect who we are, and where we have come from.

Think of our country as a grand old tree, its roots deep in history, its branches reaching out to every Australian. Every leaf represents each one of us — unique yet part of the same tree. Every decision made at the top impacts the whole tree, right down to the deepest root.

Farmers are the best custodians of their land, and any farmer will tell you what you do to interfere with one branch or leaf has an impact on the whole tree.

Our founders envisioned a nation where decisions were made in unity. A land where every voice, whether from the busy cities or the vast outback, mattered equally. While we acknowledge the connection the Aboriginals have with this land, we must also ensure that in our quest to do right by one group, we don't inadvertently silence others.

Imagine a grand assembly, a gathering of minds, where every Australian has a seat. From the young to the elderly, from the Indigenous to the immigrant. All with their stories, hopes, and dreams. While we listen to the songlines of our Aboriginal friends, we must also hear the dreams of a farmer in Geelong, the aspirations of a teacher in Perth, or the challenges faced by a business owner in Cairns.

Our grand assembly is Parliament, where members debate, discuss and hopefully listen. Where many Aboriginal folk, people from many races, and both genders are represented.

We must move forward with respect and understanding after the referendum is finished, cherishing our foundation while paving the way for an inclusive future based on us all being equal. Australia’s strength doesn't come from sidelining any group but from uniting our diverse voices in harmony.

We need to ensure that the harmony of the Australian chorus isn’t disrupted. They believed in an Australia where tradition met progression seamlessly, ensuring a brighter future for all.