The circus has gone on too long

On Thursday the Queensland Premier and senior clown Steven ‘Giggles’ Miles made two announcements: the rebuild of the Gabba was a ‘bad idea’ (confirming the rumor it may be scrapped); and he had sat down with Coles, Woolworths and Aldi to chat about price gouging.

Mark down 18 January in your diary: a day when nothing changes and nothing happens, and which no one will remember. Mark it as a day of no consequence.

Labor never governs with the consequences in mind. Labor governs like a moving circus; they set up tents, peddle cheap and questionable entertainment, and then move on.

There should be mass disciplinary action or dismissal of the ministers and senior public servants that conjured the idea to bulldoze the Gabba at a cost of $2.7 billion. Imagine the waste already in the ‘design concept’, ‘marketing’, and ‘focus group’ phase of this disaster. 

Instead of ministerial and senior bureaucratic consequences for the Gabba failure, Labor is still sacking nurses and police officers who haven’t taken their vaccine.

Consequences are what Coles, Woolworths and Aldi should have faced. They should have come out of a meeting in the Premier’s office with their tail between their legs, on the ground begging Australians for forgiveness - promising to stop being greedy corporate pariahs.

If Pauline Hanson had five minutes with them, groveling would be the least of what they’d be doing.

Instead of a slap down - and believe us, we had to read it twice too – Miles says that the major supermarkets will share more information about how they come to their prices with the government. That’s an endorsement, not a reprimand.

Nothing will be done, information won’t be shared, and the supermarkets will continue to be defended by weak Anthony Albanese and weak Steven Miles.

If you invite a clown to your home, don’t be surprised when it turns your house into a circus.

Queenslanders, it’s time for a fundamental accountability shift. The call is out for a line to be drawn under nearly 35 years of Labor government in this state. The circus must come to an end.  Let’s stand together and declare, ‘This lot aren’t our monkeys, they aren’t our circus’.