The Emperor Has No Clothes

The extremist left will always paint themselves into a corner; it's in their nature. They are perpetually in retreat. If you're wondering why support for the Voice started at 70% and then slipped to 40% in polling, then know it's because the left insists on there being an 'us' and a 'them' (warning though: polling is only indicative of a moment in time, not the result). Ultimately the 'us' 

What is confounding to many, the vicious march of the extremist left agenda has birthed a new brand: their 'woke awakening,' a vile ideology that permeates like the smell of rotten prawns left in a hot car. Let's not lament its unrelenting march; instead, let's celebrate how and why it's failing. Hope always triumphs over hate. 

A parody account recently offered these thoughts on a post by Senator Pauline Hanson: 


Yes, comrades, just throw more virtue signalling and wealthy elites who can't deliver quality transport services at a weary and struggling public. That should do the trick. 

There are many parody accounts poking fun at Australia's most divisive and racist political party, The Australian Greens (declared 'racist' by its own current and former MPs). 

Declaring your party (the Greens) 'racist' (see Thorpe et al.) is precisely what painting your cause into a corner means. Everyone is on your team or 'mob' until they are not (or are in your way on the march for power). The Greens were in the way of Thorpe's grab for power, so they were 'racists,' and she left. This pattern is at the core of left ideology. 

Their camp gets smaller as they spew vile hatred at everyone who doesn't agree with their woke agenda or uses incorrect pronouns. A left march is only to gain influence, assets, and wealth, which always belong to or are parked somewhere else—in another mob. 

Left extremists can't win long term because their camp gets ever smaller as they lash out at everybody not in their camp, calling them 'extremists,' 'bigots,' 'conspiracy theorists,' 'deplorables,' or ... 'racists.' As another X contributor on Senator Hanson's feed declared towards a post by the Senator exposing more left-wing vile, "Twinkle, twinkle, what you say is what you are." 

Acclaimed American vocal artist Oliver Anthony's new song 'North of Richmond' (a reference to the elites who live close to Washington DC) contains lyrics that could be our rally for freedom: 

Livin' in the new world 

With an old soul 

These rich men north of Richmond 

Lord knows they all 

Just wanna have total control 

Wanna know what you think 

Wanna know what you do 

And they don't think you know 

But I know that you do 

Watching their woke march, living with leftist control, hearing their victim' cries, and enduring their abuse while be thrown into poverty by their policies can be exasperating. It's debilitating for many Australians. 

Rest assured, they eventually run out of people to punch down at, so they turn on themselves. (Enter Bill Shorten very shortly, with his signature 'Gillard move'). 

In so-called democracies, the left can't hold power long-term. People eventually turn to Freedom ideologies to escape left theft: theft of identity, nefarious co-opting of race, removal of assets. And to avoid verbal and physical bashings. 

October 14 may be when their great Emperor, with no clothes, is exposed. Nothing under the left façade is interesting, worthwhile, or inspiring. Their ideology is as vacant as the elites who drive their BMWs to the family beach house, complaining about 'No voters' they left behind on the North Shore being racist or how  ‘No’ campaigners ‘are the bastards that hate workers'.  

In the words of Oliver Anthony: 

'Cause your dollar ain't shit 

And it's taxed to no end 

'Cause of rich men 

North of Richmond 


Yes, the Emperor can claim they never called us 'racists' or our ideas 'stupid,' but really, when they walk down the street, no clothing can hide their ugly truth or intent. Their words are recorded, and their hate is amplified by social media spreading those recordings. Society is thoroughly fed up with their march, tokenism, hatred, and vileness. 

Freedom will always prevail.