The Enabler Of Lies

Now that Anthony Albanese has been exposed as a liar for breaking his long-established tax cut promise, it's time to expose his enablers: teal ‘independents’, Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie and ACT senator David Pocock.

Lambie, Pocock and the teals gave Albo cover. They have been enabling his lie now for months, begging him to break faith with the Australian public. That will be costly mistake, and they are unwittingly going to become collateral damage.

Unlike what Lambie claimed today, everyday Aussies watching tennis are not ‘rich people’. That’s why people are so angry about Tennis Australia dumping Australia Day because the everyday Aussie you meet on the street, according to a nationwide poll conducted on 14 October last year, loves Australia and Australia Day and rejects racial division.

And those everyday Aussies aren’t rich; they just hate being lied to, let alone having those lies enabled. The dumping of these tax cuts, which Jacqui Lambie and company enabled, has left over a million of those Australians watching the tennis worse off.

These enablers have acted like Hillary Clinton acted by enabling all of Bill Clinton’s lying. They are now joined at the hip with a bloke they will surely be called chief ‘fan girls’ of.

Being a ‘fan girl’ of the country’s most well-known beta male is a very unhappy place. Not that the teals care much since they’re all millionaires and have comfy homes to retreat to when out of office.

And just like Hillary Clinton, these (Labor) ‘independents’ best be aware that on election day, Australians will be playing ‘Fight Song’ loud and clear outside their rich, million-dollar mansions. And just like Hillary, they had better be prepared for a crushing defeat.