The futility of pro-Palestine protests by ‘useful idiots’

‘Useful idiots’ is one of the kinder terms to describe the gullible morons now camping out in Australian university campuses and spewing hatred ‘in solidarity with Palestine’.

You’ve got to hand it to the propagandists working for the terrorist group Hamas. They’ve tapped in to the essential anti-Semitism of the West’s political left and have successfully manipulated many thousands of really, REALLY stupid university students to do their bidding. 

The terrorists are laughing at how easily these adherents to neo-Marxist identity and victimhood politics have been led by the nose like so many draft animals into supporting a terrorist group that would happily murder all of them. They’re laughing at the weakness of virtue-signalling governments – like those under Anthony Albanese or Joe Biden – who allow the excesses of these hypocritical protesters to go unchecked and unchallenged. 

It’s no laughing matter for Jewish Australians, however. They’ve been abused, assaulted and attacked not for any support they might have for Israel’s defence against terrorism, but only and solely because they’re Jews. Australia in 2024 is starting to resemble Nazi Germany in 1934 thanks to the hateful ideology of fundamentalist Islam, the fools manipulated into supporting it, and the moral leadership vacuum left by the worst Prime Minister since Whitlam. 

Preachers of this ideology publicly advocate the genocide of Jews – which is a crime in Australia – but are never held to account let alone brought before the authorities. The ideology has directly led to Australian teenagers committing horrific crimes in recent weeks, in both Sydney and Perth. Yet it is allowed to flourish among communities that have brought this hatred to our shores. 

Pauline Hanson has been sounding the alarm for years about allowing people with this ideology to come and live in Australia. They should never have been allowed to come here. The ideology is completely incompatible with Australian values of religious tolerance, secular government and freedom of speech. There is no place for such an ideology here. 

Australia’s universities could have ended these ridiculous protests quite easily: by saying an unequivocal ‘no’ – a word many of these privileged idiots have probably never been told – to the protesters’ demands and expelling students who did not disperse at the university’s direction. Sadly, the faculties of these universities have been thoroughly infiltrated by the same ideology poisoning the weak minds of the morons protesting. 

What’s worse is that these vile protests are taking attention away from the issues impacting every Australian – which is handy for Albanese but not the Australian people. These useful idiots are not creating a single job, building a single new home or providing a single cent of support for a family on the brink of homelessness. 

No, it’s all about them and a conflict taking place more than 12,000km away – a conflict over which Australia cannot possibly have any meaningful influence. That’s the real joke on these morons: all of these protests ‘in solidarity with Palestine’ will amount to precisely nothing as Israel continues to hunt down the sadistic killers of Hamas in defence of its people.