The Impact Of Government Policies On Australian Farmers

The current state of the export and dairy industries in Australia is alarming, particularly for farmers who are still grappling with the repercussions of the live export ban implemented during the Gillard government. Many farmers went bankrupt, sold their properties, and exhausted their superannuation schemes due to the abrupt cessation of live exports, and the quest for compensation continues to this day.

Moreover, the current government has neglected the dairy industry, leading to a drastic decline in the number of dairy farmers in Queensland from 1,500 to fewer than 200. This has severely impacted domestic milk production, which has plummeted from approximately 19 million liters to around 10 or 12 million liters, failing to keep pace with population growth. As a result, Australia is now increasingly reliant on milk imports from New Zealand.

The situation has been further exacerbated by the introduction of the Reef Act, which has severely damaged the farming sector in Queensland. The government’s stance on these issues clearly indicates a lack of support for farmers. Additionally, new biodiversity initiatives threaten to impose further financial burdens on farmers, exacerbating their struggles and further demonstrating the government's disregard for their plight.