The on-going Digital ID battle

Since its launch just over a week ago, our petition to overturn the Albanese Labor Government’s digital ID laws has gained over 50,000 signatures. Our goal is to obtain over 100,000 signatures so that the major parties sit up and listen to our collective voice. Enough government intrusion! We want our privacy back!

Many have asked where the Liberal opposition sits on this most important issue. In late 2021, the Coalition government issued an exposure draft of a bill that would set up the Digital ID legal framework. The Liberals are the actual original authors of the Digital ID Act.

Labor’s swift introduction of its risky and invasive Digital ID system was encouraged and pushed by the Liberal Party opposition.

Paul Fletcher MP, the Liberal Party’s Shadow Minister for Government Services, and Digital Economy, made the following statements on the Digital ID on August 25, 2023:

The former Coalition government very much understood the benefits that a national digital identity system could provide, which is why we did so much work to progress this between 2013 and 2022, investing over $600 million.

But the big prise will come when Australians can establish a digital ID and use it to transact with other levels of government, and with private sector businesses. This requires a legal framework to validate the operation of the digital ID and to allocate risks and liabilities.

It is time for this (Labor) government to commit to a national digital identity and to get it delivered.

It’s only Pauline Hanson and One Nation who will oppose this wretched and invasive government tool, which will be used to sell your private details to the highest bidder and lock in big government for many more generations.