The Unanswered Questions of the Pandemic Inquiry

Just because Dan Andrews has left office doesn’t mean he is out of reach of a COVID Royal Commission. In a recent social media post that gained media attention, Senator Malcolm Roberts made this very clear to Mr Andrews, now ordinary Dan, the citizen. One Nation has vowed to hold every state premier who caused untold damage, hurt and economic destruction accountable for their inhumane behaviour through the pandemic by continuing our push for a Royal Commission.

Of course, Labor has avoided a Royal Commission, instead conducting a protection racket for state premiers with just an ‘inquiry’ being called. One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson expressed strong concerns about the limitations of the ongoing COVID-19 inquiry conducted by the Labor Party. According to Senator Hanson, the inquiry's deliberate exclusion of state government decisions has left Australians without the answers they seek regarding crucial pandemic measures.

The Missing Pieces

One of the primary criticisms raised by Senator Hanson is the exclusion of state government decisions from the pandemic inquiry. She argues that this omission denies Australians the opportunity to understand the reasoning and advice behind what many perceive as excessive overreach and overreaction by state governments during the pandemic. Lockdowns, which profoundly impacted jobs, businesses, and education, are a prime example. Many now question whether these measures were truly necessary or excessively harsh.

Transparency Matters

Transparency and accountability are at the heart of Senator Hanson's concerns. Australians are eager to see the evidence and reasoning behind key decisions, such as vaccine mandates. Despite ongoing debates, these mandates persist, keeping skilled workers out of critical sectors. Questions have arisen about the safety and efficacy of certain vaccines, particularly those that were provisionally approved. Senator Hanson raises valid points about accountability and the need for the public to understand why pharmaceutical companies developing these vaccines have been indemnified against legal action.

Challenges to Health Professionals

Another pressing issue highlighted in Senator Hanson's statement is the challenges faced by health experts, doctors, and nurses who questioned mandates and vaccine safety or advised against certain vaccines. Many of these professionals still find themselves unable to work due to government actions. The question of why certain medical professionals faced consequences for their views deserves examination. It's worth noting that pharmaceutical companies responsible for vaccine development have been given legal protections and the reasons behind this decision merit investigation.

Unexplored Treatment Options

Senator Hanson also mentions the ban on treatments like ivermectin, which has shown promise in treating COVID-19 in some cases. The suspicion is that pharmaceutical companies favoured untested vaccines over these treatments due to potential profits. The impact of such decisions on public health and the economy cannot be ignored and should be thoroughly investigated.


The concerns raised by Senator Pauline Hanson highlight the need for a more comprehensive and transparent inquiry into the management of the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia. Australians deserve answers about the decisions made by state governments, the rationale behind vaccine mandates, the treatment of health professionals who voiced dissent, and the prioritization of specific therapies over others. An impartial examination of these issues is essential to understanding what went right and wrong during this challenging historical period. Only through such an inquiry can we hope to prevent similar crises from happening in the future and ensure that the voices of the people are heard.