This Misinformation and Disinformation Rubbish

Two very worrying words were uttered in the last few weeks that are very telling about how Australia’s extremist left wing propaganda arm manipulates language and attempts to exert control over the public.

Firstly, Adam Bandt declared as ‘disinformation’ claims that the Greens political party were supporting violent protests targeting democracy and that they supported terrorist group Hamas.

Secondly, the boss of Glencore, in response to One Nation’s victory over the proposal to pump carbon into the Great Artisan Basin’s water, said their proposal was quashed by the Queensland government using ‘misinformation’.

‘Disinformation’ and ‘misinformation’ are new propaganda words being used by woke capitalists and their extremist friends in the left to try and discredit opponents.

Left wing crazies throughout the media also liberally apply these words to any idea or thought that is contrary to their own warped views.

So bad is the use of the term that most alarmingly the Labor Party plans legislation to ban ‘misinformation’ or ‘disinformation’, creating a ministry specifically to root out anyone that doesn’t share Labor’s view of the world, and fine them for distributing contrary views.

When corporate giants like Glencore, who donate obscene amounts of money to Labor, and the Greens who are Labor’s coalition partner of choice, become the arbiters of what’s ‘disinformation’ and ‘misinformation’, there is a real threat to our democracy.  

If we turn our mind to the case of Glencore’s bizarre ‘misinformation’ claim for a second, we have to put the claim in the context that every single political party, academic, scientist, politician and group throughout Australia were actually opposed to their carbon plan, it was a rare case of unanimity across the country. The only bloke who jumped straight onboard with Glencore was Anthony Albanese, but he’s increasingly irrelevant as a political player and he won’t be prime minister for much longer according to the polls.

If Glencore were allowed to continue the madness by claiming opposition to their proposal was ‘misinformation’, we would have seen agriculture along Queensland’s coast destroyed, drinking water for huge population centers unusable and possibly oceans contaminated along the Great Barrier Reef.

If the Greens are allowed to continue claiming their violent approach to shutting down opposition voices is being opposed by ‘disinformation’, then the safety of each member of our community, and in particular, Australia’s Jewish community, can never be guaranteed again.    

If all this madness continues unabated then Australian democracy will crumble. It will take many of us to be brave to fight these sickening groups, to protect our country and to protect our democracy.


(view this article headline from the ABC where their journalists gaslight someone who was awake, but has fallen into the woke trap. In any event, the whole story is most likely made up so they can push the claim that opposition views to their is 'conspiracies' and 'disinformation')