Victoria’s Year in Review

Prepared by our Victorian One Nation team. 

One Nation Victoria has hit the ground running in 2023 after Rikkie-Lee Tyrrell won a seat in the 2022 Victorian state election, actively engaging with the Northern Victoria Region's constituents and upholding the party's conservative values. Here are some of our Victorian 2023 achievements:

  • Representation and Advocacy: Rikkie-Lee Tyrell undertook a water tour of the Victorian side of the Murray Darling Basin to understand the best advocacy approach for stakeholders involved with the Murray Darling Basin Plan (MDBP). Her efforts have contributed to the Victorian Water Minister opposing federally recommended water buybacks for environmental flow, showing a rare consensus with the Victorian Labor Government.
  • Renewable Energy Sector Engagement: The team has addressed community concerns regarding the environmental impact of the VNI West's transmission lines and unprecedented windfarm development in Victoria.
  • Soil Protection and Agricultural Land Bill: Rikkie-Lee Tyrrell has drafted the Planning and Environment Amendment (Soil Protection) (Solar Power Generation Facilities) Bill 2023, focusing on protecting Victoria's agricultural land from potential damage by solar facilities. This bill aims to enforce government solar facility guidelines and is currently under active debate, reflecting One Nation Victoria's commitment to preserving vital agricultural resources.
  • Regional Road Maintenance Advocacy: Rikkie-Lee Tyrrell and One Nation Victoria are advocating for the Labor Government to prioritise the pressing need for regional road maintenance. This push for infrastructure in regional areas stands in contrast to the government's tendency to allocate funds to high-profile projects in Melbourne that are perceived as more politically advantageous.
  • Backing the Shepparton Sports Stadium: One Nation Victoria is throwing its full support behind the proposed construction of a new sports stadium in Shepparton. This project is seen as a significant opportunity for boosting local sports and community engagement, contributing to the region's social and economic vibrancy.
  • Urgent Repairs of Riverbank Flood Levees in Carisbrook: Recognising the critical importance of infrastructure resilience, the team is championing the cause for immediate repairs to the flood levees along the riverbanks in Carisbrook. This initiative is pivotal in safeguarding communities against potential flood damage.
  • Advocating for Repealing Nuclear Energy Ban: In alignment with a key One Nation policy, Rikkie-Lee Tyrrell is ardently supporting legislation aimed at overturning Victoria's current ban on nuclear energy. The party views this as an essential step towards enhancing the reliability and affordability of electricity in Victoria, tapping into nuclear energy as a viable and sustainable power source.


One Nation Victoria is making significant strides in environmental advocacy and protection of agricultural land, balancing development with community interests.