WARNING: Journalistic-Challenged Individuals Loose

This week the journalistic-challenged Nine papers reporter, Nick O’Malley, wrote a biased and misinformed article in regard to attendees and speakers at the recent ‘Reckless Renewables’ protest on the lawns of Australia’s parliament.

It’s not terribly newsworthy to republish the rubbish that was written about hard-working Aussies who have had a gutful of the excessive glut of renewable projects that are systemically destroying the Australian landscape and increasing power prices exponentially.

The core of the story isn’t the issue, the problem we have, and always have had, is the unfortunate realisation that these ‘journalists’ are lacking in integrity, objectivity and literacy when reporting on the facts as they see them.


Of the image above it was written: “As the clouds cleared late in the morning and the heat became thick and close, they sat companionably towards the back of the crowd in camp chairs beneath a rainbow umbrella, wearing matching T-shirts that read, “F--- the United Nations.”

We assume Mr O’Malley, through sneering squinting eyes, is referring to our blue shirts that are sold on our One Nation website.

The shirt, in fact, reads ‘F L I C K THE UNITED NATIONS’. To think the image says anything else says more about the journalist than it does the decent folk wearing the shirt.

Mr O’Malley is free to correct the record, but we doubt integrity or clarity is the aim of his so-called journalism.

To be clear, we are grateful to you Mr O’Malley for the publicity of our merchandise and for the record, we also stock ‘FLICK THE WHO’ and ‘FLICK THE WEF’ shirts.

One Nation is even more grateful to you, Dean and Sue Hall, for being so bold as to buy and wear our shirts in protest of the blight on our landscape these renewable monstrosities are gouging.

Many of these shirts, and ones similar, have been purchased by Australians sick of elitist globalists sneering at our beautiful country and arrogantly demanding we act in ways contrary to the peace and prosperity of our Aussie way of life.