Will Labor grow a pair and put the Greens last?

After adopting One Nation policies on housing, family law and even constitutional reform, the Liberals look like they might be about to adopt another: always putting the Greens last on how-to-vote cards.

This has been One Nation’s policy for a very long time. The Greens are dogmatic neo-Marxist extremists, oozing deep-seated hate and vile racism, promoting horrific anti-Semitism within their ranks. They are economic Neanderthals, ideologically and intellectually incapable of understanding the most basic concepts, and follow a strategy of denigrating, insulting and attacking everything that is Australian.

These are the disgusting slurs they always hurl at others, including us. But as we’ve always maintained, what you say about others is a reflection on yourself. 

It’s not lost on One Nation that it has taken the Liberals this long to push for a blanket rule of putting the Greens last, but it’s a little ridiculous it has taken the Greens support for acts of terrorism and racist, anti-Jewish rhetoric to be the final catalyst for the weak Liberals.

In all reality however, where the Australian Greens go on Liberal how-to-vote cards is of little consequence.

The real issue is where Labor puts the vile Greens party on how-to-cote cards. Labor have been swapping preferences (often in a straightforward 1-2 deal) with this group of toxic pariahs for decades.

Labor’s legitimisation of the Greens has allowed the Greens’ racism, antisemitism and economic madness to flourish and lent it gravitas.

Labor has created this monster, and a ‘monster’ is the only way the Greens can be described.

One Nation will be well pleased if the Liberals join us in placing the Greens last, but it’s the Labor party that we must, as a community, bring pressure to bear in ensuring the Greens become the reviled outcasts they are meant to be. The Greens have no right being a political party when they spew hatred, racism and antisemitism.

The Greens hate Australia and most Australians, and they are outright supporters of terrorism.

What would the Greens do if Labor put them last on their how to vote cards? Preference the Liberals or One Nation higher? Let them do it and see how their base reacts. As if. Labor must have the guts to stand up for Australia’s Jewish community. As if.