Keith Hicks for Wright

Keith Hicks has served his country before and is now stepping up to do it again.

He enlisted in the army at age 16, served for ten years, and learned a trade. A family man, Keith has run his own businesses, worked in the corporate world, and now thirty years later sees himself going full circle and serving Australia again. Keith knows the importance of working together to achieve great things. As a soldier, he developed the discipline to overcome obstacles and achieve the greater objective.

Proud to be Australian, Keith is inclusive of people from all walks of life and very willing to put his hand out to help anyone who needs it. Keith is supportive of his local community in his electorate of Wright where he has lived for the last 15 years. He's volunteered with Greenbank Scouts Committee for the last 3 years.

Keith is a strong believer in government accountability and wants to put an end to self-serving politicians more interested in lining their own pockets than making Australia the great nation it once was. "We can be socially and environmentally responsible in a sustainable manner that will allow us to continue making a positive difference indefinitely without shutting down our industrial and manufacturing capabilities." 

When it comes to food and fuel security, Keith says, "We produce ample produce and energy resources here in Australia and yet we don't maintain adequate reserves to survive international events. That's not a common-sense approach. To address this, One Nation will ban any further sale of freehold farmland to foreign investors and limit the sale of leasehold farmland to a tenure of 25 years. One Nation will also reimplement Foreign Investment Review Board applications on all agricultural land from expiring Free Trade Agreements." Keith believes we are giving away our energy security and supports the policy where One Nation will apply a national plan that guarantees low-cost, reliable, dispatchable power by building new low-emission coal-fired power stations. "One Nation will restore Australia’s essential 90-day fuel security policy with on-shore oil reserves and the capacity to refine fuels for domestic supply. I agree with One Nation that Australia’s abundant natural resources should be for the enjoyment and prosperity of our own citizens. Not our global competitors."

As a proponent of informed choice regarding medical interventions, Keith is aware of the propaganda coming from all levels of Government. "It is unacceptable that our government is using divisive tactics to create socially destructive medical apartheid. I support your right to make your own choice regarding your body and your ability to have open discussions without censorship or political interference. That's why I am also behind Pauline Hanson's call for a Royal Commission into the state and federal governments' response to COVID. We need to know what went wrong and how not to repeat the same mistakes again."

A strong supporter of a solid day's work for a solid day's pay, Keith maintains that "If you knuckle down, make some sacrifices you should be able to get ahead. Coming from humble beginnings, working two jobs to buy a house, I know the struggles of getting into your own home, but also the joys of owning that same home. Everyone should have that opportunity."

Keith welcomes the challenge of tough problems and questions and enjoys the satisfaction of getting the best outcome possible. "I will always fight for the best outcome for all Australians and for this great country. It's time for me to serve our country again by stepping up as the representative and voice for the people of Wright."

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Former soldier Keith Hicks has served his country before and is now stepping up to do it again in his electorate of Wright. Keith knows the importance of working together to achieve great things. #OneNationAus #auspol