Sandy Roach for Fadden

Sandy Roach was born a Queenslander and apart from living overseas for 18 months has always called Queensland home.

Living on the Gold Coast since 1994, Sandy is married and the mother of 4 children. She has run her own bookkeeping business as well as worked in small enterprises. She understands the challenges of being a small business owner. Her family lives in the Northern Gold Coast area and enjoys the community, businesses, and beautiful surroundings. She's been an active member of her local soccer club and was the manager of a team within the Brisbane Women’s Premier League.

Sandy has decided that she can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch as the way of life she once enjoyed is being stripped away from everyday Australians.

She is tired of hearing "she’ll be right mate" and knows that if we do nothing we risk the continuing slide into a socialist and authoritarian state. Sandy is passionate about preserving the Australian way of life and believes joining forces with One Nation provides the most effective way to help make a difference for the people of Fadden in the next federal election.

"Small business is the backbone of most Australian livelihoods and brings freedom of choice to the people. I want to keep independent businesses alive and thriving. Small- to medium-sized businesses employ more people than any other sector in the country, and the more these businesses flourish the more they can contribute to other sectors."

Sandy has a passion to raise awareness regarding human trafficking. She spent 10 days in Cambodia and on the border of Thailand. She has actively pursued this cause within her community and church for the past 16 years. Having strong Christian morals and values, she stands for pro-choice, and pro-life and is against mandatory vaccinations, lockdowns, and any medical coercion.

Sandy opposes the introduction of Digital ID and she is also against the 'Net Zero' emissions policy that the government has signed Australia up to at the expense of jobs, industry, and the prosperity of our nation.

The hybrid Bradford Water Scheme, which would ensure an adequate supply of water to much of Australia, is a project that Sandy strongly supports. She opposes foreign ownership of mines, water, and farms, and would also like to see a ban on GMOs.

Sandy is a great believer in Australian jobs for Australians. "We need to investigate those who've been brought into Australia to take up the jobs of Australians stood down by mandates and look into what foreign work visas they are on. Over the years, many of our industries have been shut down and exported overseas. It’s time to start turning this around and bring industry back to Australia," she says.

"My prayer is that together we can make the change and not repeat history."

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As One Nation's candidate for Fadden at the next federal election, Sandy is passionate about preserving the Australian way of life, and the next federal election is her opportunity to make positive change. #OneNationAus #auspol