Thank Goodness for One Nation

In a recent Letter to the Editor in reply to an article written in the Australian Financial Review, Malcolm Spry of Point Piper NSW wrote: 

Thank goodness for the Greens

Alexander Downer claims there is no place in Parliament for ideological antisemites (“One Nation pales in comparison with vicious Greens”). Well, thank goodness there is one party standing up for the Palestinians who in time will be proved to be the victims of genocide. Oh, and by the way Mr Downer, anti-Zionism is not antisemitism.

One Nation has recently said we are so pleased the Liberals are finally waking up to how racist and antisemitic the Greens are, unfortunately, the Liberals’ musings won’t affect the Greens status one iota. The real risk is how Labor continues to legitamise this discriminatory and bigoted party.

It is a very brave and inane act to put your name to the defence of a political party who are regarded, by most Australians, as pure malicious racists. A political party capable of the worst atrocities and depravity.

All Australians have witnessed the racist tropes, antisemitic behaviour and blatant disregard for human life as shown by the Greens since October 7th.  One Nation, for many years, has been calling out this racism that is heavily engrained within this shocking and depraved political outfit. Let's not forget the numerous Greens’ leaders, both past and present, that have publicly stated how racist this party is at its very core. 

One Nation’s case against the Australian Greens and our desire to have them removed from all parliaments, are outlined here.