Pauline Hanson said it at the very beginning: COVID-19 vaccine mandates forced on unwilling workers were wrong. They were unlawful. They were unconstitutional. They compromised the individual rights and freedoms that underpin Australian democracy. 

She introduced legislation to make certain that vaccine mandates, coercion, and discrimination were unlawful, but the Senate, with a few notable exceptions, would not support it.  

Pauline has been proven right. In a victory for individual freedoms and human rights, this week the Supreme Court determined mandates forced on police and public health workers in Queensland were unlawful and cannot be enforced any longer. 

 Police and health workers who were demonised, sacked, and punished by their government for refusing the jabs deserve an apology: from the Premier, from Queensland Health Chief John Wakefield, and from former Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll, who curiously resigned only a week before the court’s decision was handed down. 

None other than Queensland mining tycoon Clive Palmer funded their successful case.

 All of Queensland deserves an apology for being subjected to mandates at threat to their jobs and livelihoods. 

 All of Australia deserves a Royal Commission into the management of the COVID-19 pandemic by all Australian governments. Only a royal commission would have the power to compel the secret advice that led to these unlawful mandates. 

 One Nation calls on the Prime Minister to abandon his own toothless enquiry and deliver a Royal Commission, as he promised.