When will the immigration crisis end?

Many Australian families with children are and will continue to be homeless, while immigration levels remain high, according to all media outlets, including ABC News.

The time has come to drastically cut our immigration levels, put a stop to inflation, and reduce the rising costs of buying or renting a home.

Labour promised in their budget papers for 2022 that only 235,000 immigrants would be allowed into the country. This immigration promise was broken, and now we are facing an influx of 400,000 this year.

Predictions are that we will climb to 600,000 immigrants imminently.  

It is now time for a mass movement of people to oppose this mass migration scheme. A movement that opposes the housing crisis and demands a better and more just outcome for all Australians

The Labour Party has disputed immigration reality by issuing a ‘fact check’ through their local branch of the ABC.  One Nation affirms that the published government figures in budget papers on proposed migration constitute a ‘promise’.